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2017-18 KS High School Basketball Sub-State Standings (For Area Teams) -- As of All Games Through Feb. 14th
By Mike Smith
Copyright: MSC Sports

We have compiled the Sub-State standings for all the Sub-State that involve area teams and will update the standings leading all the way up to the release of the Sub-State brackets. Below are all the sub-state pairings/standings for the listening area teams with latest records as of action through February 14th.

Sub-State postseason action will take place February 26th through March 3rd.

****If a record below is wrong please send a message to Mike Smith through the website so it can be corrected****

2018 Kansas High School Basketball Sub-State Standings: 
(Records through games played on Feb. 7th) --- Sub-State information gathered by KNZA & KMZA radio (by Mike Smith -- please credit KNZA & KMZA radio if you use this information)

*Tie-breakers (Tie breaker policy listed below standings)

                   CLASS 4A-DI AT BASHER-LINWOOD                  CLASS 2A AT REPUBLIC COUNTY  
GIRLS      BOYS      GIRLS      BOYS   
KC-Piper 18-0   Basehor-Linwood 12-5   Valley Heights 14-5   Salina-Sacred Heart 15-3
Basehor-Linwood 8-9   KC-Piper 12-6   Bennington 10-8   Bennington* 14-4
Atchison 6-11   Tonganoxie 3-14   Smith Center 11-6   Solomon* 14-4
Tonganoxie 4-13   Atchison 2-15   Lincoln 6-11   Valley Heights 11-8
            Solomon 5-13   Smith Center 7-11
                           CLASS 4A-DII AT HOLTON     Salina-Sacred Heart 4-14   Republic County 5-12
GIRLS      BOYS      Republic County 3-13   Lincoln 4-13
Clay Center 16-1   Rock Creek 16-1   Ell-Saline 2-17   Ell-Saline 4-15
Marysville 13-4   Marysville 14-3            
Holton 12-5   Holton 8-9            
Rock Creek 2-15   Clay Center 4-13                 CLASS 1A DI AT FRANKFORT  
            GIRLS      BOYS   
                      CLASS 4A-DII AT HAYDEN     Valley Falls 15-2   Doniphan West 15-2
GIRLS      BOYS      Centralia 14-3   Centralia 10-8
Jeff West  15-2   Hayden* 11-6   Frankfort 14-4   Frankfort 6-12
Santa Fe Trail 11-6   Santa Fe Trail* 11-6   Doniphan West 7-11   Onaga 4-14
Hayden 8-9   Jeff West  9-7   Onaga* 1-17   Valley Falls 3-14  
Bishop Ward 2-15   Bishop Ward 0-17   Troy* 1-17   Troy 1-17
                             CLASS 3A AT HORTON                   CLASS 1A DI AT WAKEFIELD  
GIRLS      BOYS      GIRLS      BOYS   
Nemaha Central 16-2   Maur Hill-Mount Academy 16-1   Hanover 12-3   Hanover 14-1
Maur Hill-Mount Academy 12-5   Nemaha Central 15-3   Clifton-Clyde 13-5   Clifton-Clyde 15-2
Pleasant Ridge 11-7   Sabetha 11-6   Washington County 12-7   Pike Valley 13-5
Sabetha 9-8   Pleasant Ridge 8-10   Pike Valley 5-12   Washington County 6-14
ACCHS* 7-10   Riverside 5-12   Wakefield 4-13   Wakefield 5-12
Horton* 7-10   Hiawatha 3-13            
Riverside 4-13   ACCHS* 2-15        CLASS 1A DII AT BLUE VALLEY-RANDOLPH  
Hiawatha 1-15   Horton* 2-15   GIRLS      BOYS   
            Axtell  10-8   St. Xavier 10-7
                          CLASS 3A AT SILVER LAKE     Blue Valley-Randolph 8-10   Southern Cloud 8-9
GIRLS      BOYS      Southern Cloud* 7-10   Axtell  8-10
Mission Valley 14-5   Perry Lecompton 14-2   Wetmore* 7-10   Blue Valley-Randolph 7-10
St. Mary's 12-5   Silver Lake 13-4   Linn  4-12   Linn  6-10
Royal Valley 11-6   St. Mary's 11-6         Wetmore 5-13
Rossville 10-8   Mclouth 10-7            
Silver Lake 6-11   Mission Valley 8-11            
Oskaloosa 6-12   Royal Valley 6-11            
Perry Lecompton 3-13   Rossville 5-13            
Mclouth 3-14   Oskaloosa 2-16            
                         CLASS 2A AT WABAUNSEE              
GIRLS      BOYS               
Olpe 18-0   Lyndon  18-0            
Wabaunsee 14-3   Burlingame 16-2            
Jefferson County North 13-3   Olpe 15-3            
Jackson Heights 12-5   Jefferson County North 13-3            
Madison/Hamilton 9-8   Jackson Heights 12-5            
Northern Heights 8-10   Madison/Hamilton* 9-8            
Lyndon 6-12   Bishop Seabury* 9-8            
Burlingame 5-13   Wabaunsee 4-13            
Bishop Seabury 0-9   Northern Heights 4-14            



*Current tie-breakers with current Sub-State standings
4A-DII (at Hayden - Boys) - Hayden & Santa Fe Trail tied for #1 seed (no-head-to-head)
3A (at Horton - Girls) - Horton & ACCHS girls tied for #5 seed (no head-to-head) 
3A (at Horton - Boys) - Horton & ACCHS boys tied for #7 seed (no head-to-head) 
2A (at Wabaunsee - Boys) -
   Madison/Hamilton & Bishop Seabury boys tied #6 seed (no head-to-head)
2A (at Republic County - Boys) - Benningotn & Solomon tied records (Bennington owns #2 via head-to-head - play again Feb 16th)
1A-DI (at Frankfort - Girls) - Onaga & Troy tied records (Onaga owns #5 seed with head-to-head win over Troy) 
1A-DII (at Blue Valley-Randolph - Girls) - Southern Cloud & Wetmore tied for #3 seed (no head-to-head)


Sub-State Seeding Criteria by KSHSAA

1. Seeding shall be based strictly on percentage of wins and losses. To determine this percentage, divide the number of games won by the number of games played. (Only varsity competitions will count.) The team with the higher percentage will receive the higher seed. Byes in regular season games/tournaments (including league tournament) ARE NOT to be counted.

2. If two teams have an identical percentage, the tie will be broken as follows:

a. If the teams played each other, the one defeating the other a larger number of times will receive the seed.

b. If they have played each other and each has defeated the other team under consideration an identical number of times, go to step (c).

c. If two teams have the same percentage of wins and 1 or 2 will not resolve the tie, the team with the most wins will receive the better seed.

d. If the tie in (c) still remains, then a draw by lot will determine the team receiving the higher seed. (Use a person from your community as a witness.)

3. If three teams have an identical percentage, the tie will be broken as follows:
a. If one team has defeated the other two a larger number of times, it will receive the better seed.

b. If not, the manager will draw by lot for top seed, then the tie between the remaining two teams shall be broken by using procedures in (2). The procedure for draw by lot is to put the names of the teams tied into a hat and draw. The first one drawn will receive the highest seed.

4. In sub-state tournaments, teams receiving a bye will consider the bye as a win as it relates to their win-loss record for seeding purposes in subsequent tournaments.

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