Friday, 20 April 2018
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28 Area Basketball Players Earn 2017-18 All-State Honors
By Mike Smith
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Following the conclusion of the 2017-18 High School Basketball season multiple publications have released their All-State Selections. Seventeen area girls and 11 area boys were named among the best in their respective classes following a year when 13 area teams made the state tournament with eight those placing in the fop four and four making the championship games!  The Hanover girls won Class 1A-DI State title for the second straight year, while Hanover boys took second in 1A-DI, Valley Heights girls took second in 2A and Royal Valley girls placed second in 3A. Centralia boys placed fourth in 1A-DI, Marysville girls placed fourth in 4A-DII and Axtell placed fourth in 1A-DII. 

Topeka-Capital Journal - Girls & Boys (Top 11 - Girls & Boys
Sports in Kansas - Girls & Boys 
Varsity Kansas (Wichita Eagle) - Girls & Boys

GIRLS 2017-18 All State Basketball Selections:

Class 4A-DII -
Mariah Murdie (Jeff West, SR) - 1st Team (all) (Sports in KS - 3rd Team All-Classes Top 30)
Shay Tanking (Holton, SR) - 1st Team (all)
Sydney Pacha (Marysville, SR) - 2nd Team (Cap Journal & Sports in KS)
Sami Bartels (Marysville, SO) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) & 3rd Team (Cap Journal) 
Aaliyah Negonsott (Jeff West, JR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS)

Class 3A -
Laura Macke (Nemaha Central, SR) - 1st Team (all)
   (Top 15 3rd Team honors by Capital Journal)  (Sports in KS - 2nd Team All-Classes Top 20) 
Tamo Thomas (Royal Valley, SR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) & 3rd Team (Cap Journal) 

Class 2A - Kayla Smith (Valley Heights, SR) - 1st Team (all) 
Josie Weishaar (JCN, SO) - 1st Team (Sports in KS) & 2nd Team (Cap Journal & Varsity KS)

Class 1A-DI -
Macy Doebele (Hanover, JR) - 1st Team (all) (Sports in KS 1A-DI "Player of Year") 
Emilee Ebert (Frankfort, JR) - 1st Team (all) 
Katie Glatczak (Centralia, SR) - 1st Team (Cap Journal & Sports KS) & 2nd Team (Varsity KS)
Reagan Kirkwood (Valley Falls, JR) - 2nd Team (all) 
Tianna Lohse (Hanover, SO) - 1st TM (Sports KS)/2nd TM (Varsity KS)/3rd TM (Cap Journal) 
Madison Lueger (Centralia, JR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) & 3rd Team (Cap Journal) 
Jaysie Bowser (Clifton-Clyde, SO) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) 

Class 1A-DII -
Trisha Mathewson (Axtell, SR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) & 3rd Team (Cap Journal)

Boys 2017-18 All State Basketball Selections:

Class 4A-DII -
Gabe Pieschl (Marysville, SR) - 1st Team (all) (Top 15 2nd Team honors by Capital Journal) 
     (Sports in Kansas - All Classes Top 10) 

Class 3A - Canaan Daniels (Perry Lecompton, SR) - 2nd Team (Cap Journal & Sports in KS)
Mitchell Henry (Nemaha Central, SR) - 1st Team (Sports in KS) & 2nd Team (Cap Journal)  

Class 1A-DI - Carter Bruna (Hanover, JR) - 1st Team (all)
Devin Taylor (Doniphan West, SR) - 1st Team (all) 
Bradley Koch (Clifton-Clyde, SR) - 1st Team (Sports KS & Varsity KS) & 2nd TM (Cap Journal
Tanner Marten (Onaga, SR) - 1st Team (Sports in KS) & 2nd Team (Cap Journal)
Zach Sorell (Clifton-Clyde, SR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS) & 3rd Team (Cap Journal)
Daegan Steinlage (Centralia, JR) - 3rd Team (Cap Journal & Sports in KS)
Thomas Atkins (Hanover, JR) - 2nd Team (Sports in KS & Varsity KS)

Class 1A-DII -
Quinn Buessing (Axtell, SO) - 1st Team (Sports in KS & Varsity KS) & 2nd Team (Cap Journal)

Girls All-State Honorable Mention:
Class 4A-DI --- Chesney Downing (Atchison, SR)
Class 4A-DI --- Aaliyah Negonsott (Jeff West, JR); Saydee Tanking (Holton) 
Class 3A --- Mary Broxterman (Royal Valley, JR); Jacy Dalinghaus (Nemaha Central, JR); Lindsey Heim (Pleasant Ridge, JR); Jenna Keller (Perry Lecopmton, SO); Heather Ronnebaum (Maur Hill, SR); Jaycee Ernzen (ACCHS, JR); Jaden Courter (Oskaloosa, SR);
Class 2A --- Kylie Dohl (Jackson Heights, SO); Annabelle Vaught (JCN, SR); Samantha Vermetten (Valley Heights, SO)
Class 1A-DI --- Jaysie Bowser (Clifton-Clyde, SO); Kennen Brandt (Frankfort, SO); Tess Cecrle (Washington County, SR); Rachel Frakes (Valley Falls, SR); Allison Kearney (Valley Falls, SR); Morgan Kramer (Centralia, SO); Jessa Yaussi (Frankfort, SR); Claire Zarybnicky (Hanover, SR); Emily Coffman (Clifton-Clyde, SR) 
Class 1A-DII --- Allie Cassel (Blue Valley-Randolph, SO); Jill Henry (Wetmore, SR); Shelby Ohlde (Linn, SR); Brooklyn Zoeller (Blue Valley-Randolph, SO); Hanna Schmitz (Axtell, JR)

Boys All-State Honorable Mention:
Class 4A-DII --- Jack Blumer (Marysville, SR); Mason Chaney (Holton, SR); Quinn Neuenswander (Jeff West, SO); Mason Strader (Holton, SR)
Class 3A --- Toby Baker (Perry Lecompton, SR); Colten Kocour (Maur Hill, SR); Cole Kramer (Nemaha Central, JR); Garrison Pope (McLouth, JR); Masen Spoonhunter (Royal Valley, SR); Zach Schwinn (Maur Hill, JR); Andrew Miller (Riverside, SR), Colton Mallonee (Perry Lecompton, JR); Nathan Isaacs (Horton, SR); Jack Caudle (Maur Hill, SO)
Class 2A --- Braden Dohl (Jackson Heights, SR); Boston Lane (JCN, SR); Brayden Summers (JCN, SR)
Class 1A-DI --- Hunter Aspinwall (Valley Falls, JR); Thomas Atkins (Hanover, JR); Kamble Haverkamp (Centralia, SO); Pete Peters (Hanover, JR); Nathan Pickerell (Valley Falls, JR); Newt Smith (Doniphan West, SR); Levi Watts (Doniphan West, SR); Reid Jasper (Troy, JR)
Class 1A-DII --- Joel Hutfles (Wetmore, JR); Cole Montgomery (Blue Valley-Randolph, JR); Lane Peter (Blue Valley-Randolph, JR); Evan Bott (Linn, SR), Dillon Cooper (Linn, SR)

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