Friday, 20 April 2018
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2018 Northeast Kansas Area Senior Athletes Compete at HCC All-Star Games (Recap & Radio Interviews)
By Mike Smith
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Over 70 top area senior athletes from Northeast Kansas took part in the annual Northeast Kansas All-Star games host by Highland Community College for the 32nd time. The day was full of highly competitive action with all three contests going down to the wire the single digit girls and boys basketball games and a five set volleyball matchup. 

Listen back to Kanzaland radio broadcasts of All-Star games: 
NEKS Volleyball All-Star match - click here to listen
NEKS Girls Basketball All-Star match - click here to listen
NEKS Boys Basketball All-Star match - click here to listen


The action on the day was started by the volleyball All-Star's and the day started in an impressive and highly competitive five set contest. Ultimately in the end of the contest Navy took the match in five sets 25-19, 24-26, 25-23, 21-25 and 15-12. The matchup was back and forth throughout the contest and the Navy got on the board first by taking set one 25-19 which would be largest margin of the five sets as Gold battle back to take set two 26-24. Set three belonged to Navy has they finished to take it 25-23; in set four Gold held off a run by Navy to win the set 25-21 and force the fifth set to decide the matchup. In the fifth set a 4-0 start by Navy gave them the early advantage and despite a run by Gold the strong start to set five helped Navy win the set 15-12 and take the match. 

Navy team led by Jefferson County North Head Coach, Dave Schuler earned the five set win and the team was led by the "Player of the Match" for the Navy team in Jeff West Tiger, Mariah Murdie who registered 18 kills, 10 blocks, nine digs and three aces. Clifton-Clyde Eagle, Emily Coffman recorded nine kills and five digs, while JCN Charger, Ravyn Jobbins had seven digs and 19 digs, while Holton Wildcat, Shay Tanking led the Navy with 20 digs. Frankfort Wildcat, Rebecca Adams notched 19 assists and six digs. (Other members of the Navy team: Madison Baker (Atchison) 2 kills & 3 blocks; Annabelle Vaught (JCN) 6 kills, 3 blocks & 3 digs; Kymbire Ulrich (Sabetha) 4 assists & 4 digs; Cassidy Holthaus (Sabehta) 2 aces & 5 digs; Daspin Bruning (Horton) 4 digs & 2 blocks; Montanna Adams (Pleasant Ridge) 1 kill & 2 digs; Jaden Courter (Oskaloosa) 1 block & 1 dig)

Gold team was led by Leavenworth Head Coach, Cassie Rockers and in the contest Nemaha Central Thunder, Laura Macke earned the "Player of the Match" for the Gold team after recording 19 kills, 12 digs, four aces and four blocks. Axtell Eagle, Trisha Mathewson notched eight kills, six assists, four digs and three aces, while Valley Heights Mustang, Shea Manley had 20 assists and six digs. Jade Mountain of Silver Lake and Hannah Wagner of Leavenworth posted 16 and 15 digs each; Wagner added five kills. (Other members of the Gold team: Drew Delong (Valley Falls) 14 assists & 3 digs; Abby Williams (Jackson Heights) 6 kills, 4 blocks & 4 digs, Lauren Kocour (Maur Hill-Mount Academy) 6 kills & 10 digs; Kayla Smith (Valley Heights) 4 kills & 2 digs; Allison Rottinghaus (Nemaha Central) 5 digs; Morgan Perry (Atchison) 3 kills & 1 block; Katie Glatczak (Centralia))

Girls Basketball 

Despite trailing by double figures at multiple spots in the contest the Navy team would earn the 85-80 win. Navy opened the contest on an 8-0 run looking like they perhaps could runaway with the contest but Gold settled in and answered with a 7-0 run to make it tight and by the end of the first quarter Gold led 24-19. Gold continued to find their momentum in the second quarter led by Frankfort Wildcat, Jessa Yaussi who registered double figures by halftime and helped Gold led 40-27 in the second quarter and at one-point out score Navy 18-8 but with a special make-it-take-it rule in place at the end of the half in the final couple of minutes when down by double figures allowed Navy to go on a late first half run and close the lead to four at 43-38 at the half. Gold managed to extend their lead back out to double figures in the second half all the way up to 15 points but using a 27-12 fourth quarter Navy managed to finish the contest strong with Holton Wildcat, Shay Tanking helping finish out the contest for Navy to win 85-80. 

Navy led by Royal Valley Heach Coach, Kyle Porter earned the win in the contest with Tanking of Holton leading the way scoring 21 points, adding four assists and three rebounds to earn "Player of the Game." Annabelle Vaught of JCN added 15 points with seven rebounds for Navy, while Mariah Murdie of Jeff West tallied a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds and Chesney Downing of Atchison scored 10 points. (Other members of Navy team: Kaitlyn McAfee (Horton) 9pts, 5 reb, 3 stls; Khaliah Hines (Shawnee Mission West) 6pts, 6 asts, 4 reb; Allison Kearney (Valley Falls) 5pts, 3 reb; Jill Henry (Wetmore) 3pts, 3 reb; Daspin Bruning (Horton) 2pts, 10 reb; Shayna Wilson (Doniphan West) 2pts; Ravyn Jobbins (JCN) 2pts, 2 reb; Sami Pfaff (Blue Valley-Randolph) 2 reb, 2 asts)

In the loss Gold team was led by Valley Heights Head Coach, Jordan Broxterman and on the court led by Nemaha Central Thunder, Laura Macke who scored a game-high 27 points adding four rebounds. While Yaussi of Frankfort was named the Gold team "Player of the Game" finishing with 16 points (13 in first half) and seven rebounds. Sydney Pacha of Marysville added 11 points, six rebounds and two assists. (Other members of Gold team: Kayla Smith (Valley Heights) 8pts, 6 reb; Belinda Ames (Onaga) 7pts, 8 reb; Libby Harper (Atchsion) 4pts, 5 reb; DeAndra Woodyard (Valley Heights) 3pts, 3 reb; Trisha Mathewson (Axtell) 2pts, 8 reb; Drew Delong (Valley Falls); 2pts, 5 reb, 3 stls; Heather Ronnebaum (Maur Hill-Mount Academy) 7 reb; Maryna Buessing (Axtell) 5 reb; Maleah Price (Holton) 1 reb, 3 asts; Katie Glatczak (Centralia))

Boys Basketball 

Each team held leads of at least eight points during the contest but ultimately down the stretch it was a tight contest that was settled by just one-point with the Gold team holding off the Navy squad for the 96-95 win. Just like the girls contest it was the Navy team starting the contest off with the lead and Gold had a sluggish start but once both teams settled in it was back and forth most of the contest. Navy established a lead by eight for their largest lead but the Gold team led by as many as 13 in the contest and carried a 52-45 lead into halftime. With just under three minutes left Navy hit a pair of three's one from Mitchell Henry and the other from Jared Thibault to draw within one-point at 90-91with 2:27 remaining. Using some free throws Gold pushed the lead back out to three and Navy had multiple opportunities in the final minute to tie the game with free throws but could not connect and Gold was able to hold them off for the 96-95 win. 

Gold was led by Jefferson County North Head Coach Jim Brickell and a balanced attack on the floor with Clifton-Clyde Eagle, Bradley Koch earning "Player of the Game" honors after posting a double-double with 11 points and 13 rebounds. Levi Watts of Doniphan West tallied 11 points, while Ethan Osterhaus scored 10 points and grabbed five rebounds. Sabetha Bluejay, Kyle Grimm grabbed a game-high 12 rebounds and added eight points. (Other members of the Gold Team: Boston Lane (JCN) 9pts, 4 asts; Andrew Miller (Riverside) 9pts, 4 reb, 2 asts; Brayden Summers (JCN) 8pts, 5 reb, 2 blks; Jamie Reed (Lyndon) 8pts, 4 reb, 3 asts; Gabe Pieschl (Marysville) 8pts, 3 reb, 2 blks; Noah Trader (Pleasant Ridge) 4pts, 5 reb; Colten Kocour (Maur Hill-Mount Academy) 3pts; Zach Sorell (Clifton-Clyde) 3pts, 1 reb; Mason Strader (Holton) 2pts, 5 reb; Brennan Zabokrtsky (Hanover) 2pts, 3 reb; Newt Smith (Doniphan West) 1 reb, 2 asts)

In the loss Navy was led by Perry Lecompton Head Coach, Jared Swafford and on the court a quartet of double figure scorers. Henry of Nemaha Central led the Navy team with a game-high 15 points and earned "Player of the Game" for the Navy team adding four rebounds and three assists. Bryson Meinhardt of Marysville tallied 11 points with five rebounds, while Mason Chanay of Holton scored 11 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Perry Lecompton Kaw, Canaan Daniels added 10 points with two rebounds and two assists. (Other members of the Navy Team: Anthony Atkinson-Enneking (Clay Center) 9pts, 8 reb, 3 asts, 2 stls; Bryan Yungeberg (Valley Heights) 8pts, 1 reb; Brett Stallbaumer (Sabetha) 7pts; Tanner Marten (Onaga) 6pts, 6 reb, 6 blks; Cole Bottom (Horton) 6pts, 2 reb; Jared Thibault (Maur Hill-Mount Academy) 4pts, 2 reb; Nathan Isaacs (Horton) 3pts, 3 reb; Toby Baker (Perry Lecompton) 3pts, 2 reb; Braden Dohl (Jackson Heights) 2pts, 3 reb; Devin Taylor (Doniphan West) 3 reb; Jack Blumer (Marysville) 3 reb)

Top senior area athletes got to showcase their talents one final time and compete against some of the area’s best in the 32nd annual Northeast Kansas All-Star basketball games and 16th annual volleyball competition.

Northeast Kansas All-Star Volleyball Game Interviews
Trisha Mathewson (Axtell) - click here to listen
Katie Glatczak (Centralia) - click here to listen
Emily Coffman (Clifton-Clyde) - click here to listen
Brooklyn Rush (Doniphan West) - click here to listen 
Rebecca Adams (Frankfort) - click here to listen
Abby Williams (Jackson Heights) - click here to listen 
Mariah Murdie (Jeff West) - click here to listen
Annabelle Vaught (JCN) - click here to listen 
Allison Rottinghaus (Nemaha Central) - click here to listen
Laura Macke (Nemaha Central) - click here to listen
Jaden Courter (Oskaloosa) - click here to listen
Kymbrie Ulrich & Cassidy Holthaus (Sabetha) - click here to listen
Drew Delong (Valley Falls) & Lauren Kocour (Maur Hill) - click here to listen
Shea Manley (Valley Heights) - click here to listen
JCN Head Coach & Coach of Navy All-Stars Dave Schuler - click here to listen
Highland Volleyball Coach Jon Bingesser - click here to listen

Northeast Kansas All-Star Girls Basketball Game Interviews 
Chesney Downing (Atchison) - click here to listen
Jessa Yaussi (Frankfort) - click here to listen
Shay Tanking (Holton) - click here to listen
Daspin Bruning (Horton) - click here to listen
Ravyn Jobbins (JCN) - click here to listen
Allison Kearney (Valley Falls) - click here to listen
Kayla Smith (Valley Heights) - click here to listen
Jill Henry (Wetmore) - click here to listen
Doniphan West Head Coach Perry Smith - click here to listen
Horton Head Coach Ken Shippy - click here to listen
Jeff West Head Coach John Malloy - click here to listen
Nemaha Central Head Coach Hadden Hiltgen - click here to listen
Royal Valley Heach Coach & Navy Coach Kyle Porter & Holton Head Coach Jon Holliday - click here to listen
Valley Falls Head Coach Rodney Watson - click here to listen
Valley Heights Head Coach & Gold All-Star Coach Jordan Broxterman - click here to listen
Highland Women's Basketball Coach BJ Smith - click here to listen

Northeast Kansas All-Star Boys Basketball Game Interviews
Bradley Koch (Clifton-Clyde) - click here to listen 
Newt Smith (Doniphan West) - click here to listen
Devin Taylor (Doniphan West) - click here to listen
Levi Watts (Doniphan West) - click here to listen
Mason Chanay (Holton) - click here to listen 
Mason Strader (Holton) - click here to listen 
Braden Dohl (Jackson Heights) - click here to listen
Mitchell Henry (Nemaha Central) - click here to listen 
Tanner Marten (Onaga) - click here to listen 
Brett Stallbaumer (Sabetha) - click here to listen 
Kyle Grimm (Sabetha) - click here to listen 
Byran Yungeberg (Valley Heights) - click here to listen
Ethan Ostherhaus (Wetmore) - click here to listen 
JCN Head Coach & Gold Team Jim Brickell - click here to listen
Maur Hill-Mount Academy Tim Van Dyke - click here to listen
Sabetha Head Coach Scott Burger - click here to listen 
Highland Men's Basketball Coach Jerre Cole - click here to listen 

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